Gardener test action


To adapt Schnexagon as best as possible to the clients’ wishes, we conducted a test action from May to August 2015. From over 1700 candidates we chose 500 gardeners, who were able to protect their plants from slugs with the grey prototype. The aims of the action were to test Schnexagon’s weather-resistance in individual conditions, explore all possible application areas and find out how well such an application appealed to gardeners.

More than three quarters of the testers would recommend Schnexagon, only 11.8% found the application unsuited to their needs.

The grey colour of the test-mix was not to everyone’s taste, but was well-suited for stone or concrete flowerbed borders. Barely a fifth of the testers would have chosen this colour, whereas the main part would have preferred green or terracotta.
Now the mix is honey-transparent.

The cold and dry weather at the beginning of the summer in 2015 meant that the slug infestation was lower than in previous years for many testers. However, the direct comparison between identical plant casings (pots for example), one painted with Schnexagon and one not, showed the sometimes devastating extent of slug damage and how well the plants can grow if they are protected.

Some testers found very creative solutions for using Schnexagon. For example, one soaked a stretch of fabric in it, which was then wrapped around a silo bale. As the silage wasn’t good enough to be fodder any more, it was meant to be planted with squash and quickly compost. Unfortunately, slugs had always eaten the young squash… until Schnexagon provided an innovative aid to effectively remedy the problem.

Bild: Frau Wagner hat getestet

Another interesting application example was a live beer trap, which was painted with Schnexagon so that the slugs couldn’t reach the beer. A ring painted around the inner side of the beer trap ensured that the slugs lured into it neither drowned nor escaped. This „donut“ was thus turned into a passive, effective and ecological slug trap.

The limits of the application only depend on your imagination!

We thank every one of our testers for their participation and comprehensive feedback. It means we are in a position to develop a protection that you really want to use. Today, Schnexagon is a honey-transparent coating based on oils, which offers an ecological protection against slugs, doesn’t flake off, lasts a long time and can be used easily and in the long-term.