I wanted to understand why gardeners prefer to go slug-hunting every day or strew poison, instead of using protective barriers. Thus I conducted glue-tests on all possible surfaces, looking for an ecologically-friendly material with non-stick properties against the brown roundback slug (Arion lusitanicus). But they could stick incredibly well to even lotus, copper or Teflon.

When dry, the finally found by chance combination of biologically completely harmless substances forms an insurmountable non-stick barrier for all the types of slugs observed so far. Schnexagon® is not a lure and does not kill any slugs.

The pilot phase was successfully conducted in 2015. Production maturity was achieved after 2.5 years in all. The centre for entrepreneurship of the CAU, the company Lugato GmbH&Co.KG and the Land Schleswig-Holstein gave helpful support right from the start.

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The team

Nadine Sydow

Dr. Peter Rehders 

About Solvoluta

Solvoluta is a start-up in biological material sciences that develops ecologically innovative research to market maturity. It focuses on pesticide-free pest control.

Schnexagon® brand products stand out thanks to their environmental friendliness, sustainability and innovative content. The team wants to develop new products for a greener future through cooperation with manufacturing partners, the CAU in Kiel, the Land Schleswig-Holstein and other research institutions.